Jul 30
How do I archive my Campus Cruiser Email?

Please visit the link below for instructions on how to archive your Campus Cruiser email.  Please note, Campus Cruiser will not longer be accessible after July 31, 2013.  If you have not archived your email yet, please do so before that date passes.


Jul 29
How do I forward my HawkMail365 email to another email account?

Please visit the tutorial link below for instructions on forwarding your HawkMail365 email.

Jul 23
What is the default Username and Password?

To log into HawkMail365, visitors can use their email address to logon with their NetID password.

(Example: O365 UserName is

Jul 22
How do I access my student email account?

Students can now access their Hawkmail365 mail through MyHCC, or by logging in directly to:

Jul 22
Will there be a new HawkMail365 link on the HawkNet page?

Yes, there will be a HawkMail365 link on the HawkNet page ( We are also updating the appearance of the HawkNet page to implement a new mobile-friendly and ADA compliant look.

Jul 17
Will I have a mail quota or other email limitations?

Mail size quotas / limitations:

25 GB email mailbox storage by default with options to expand

25 MB email message size

Max 500 recipients per message

Max 1500 messages per user per day

Jul 17
Can I keep my HawkMail365 e-mail account after I graduate from HCC?

​Yes. After graduating from HCC you may keep your HawkMail 365 account.

Jul 16
What browsers are fully supported and tested to access e-mail on O365?
  • Internet Explorer 8 or above
  • Latest Firefox “Release” version
  • Safari 5 or above
  • Latest Chrome “Stable” version
Jul 16
Is information contained within my email and attachments secure?

HawkMail365 upholds up-to-date defenses against viruses and spam with Forefront Online Protection for Exchange, which is updated to address new virus and spam threats the moment they appear. Microsoft safeguards data by hosting it in geographically-distributed data centers, with continuous data backup and premier disaster recovery capabilities.

Jul 16
Does O365 provide anti-spam protection?

​Yes it does.  HawkMail365 has its own anti-span mail filters and virus protection. Messages sent to you will be scanned and filtered automatically. Please remember to check your Junk E-Mail folder periodically to avoid missing an important message mistakenly marked as spam.

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